Left History Teaching is an attempt to bring together examples of theory and practice of History Teaching which seek to dismantle systems of oppression. This oppression might exist in wider society, or be evident within our classrooms. It might manifest itself in terms of social or economic class, gender, race, sexuality, or any number of other identities.

It is not an attempt to construct an orthodoxy or to repeat dogma. Contributions are welcomed from any and all schools and ideologies traditionally considered to be part of the left, or indeed not, so long as they are genuinely committed to dismantling existing structures of oppression.

Examples of topics of current interest to the editors are: postcolonial theory and its place in the classroom; how to teach a feminist history; how to avoid abusing one’s position of trust and power as a classroom teacher; how to teach history to a diverse class; how to teach the history of oppressed people without unwittingly contributing to their continued oppression; how to avoid inculcating in our students a Whiggish belief in an Enlightened and generous ruling class, eager to bestow reform upon the oppressed when presented with the facts of their oppression?

Submissions welcome



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